online business ideas to start in an empty nest

Many look forward to becoming an empty nester for years. In some stages of childrearing more than others. 🙂 But the closer you get to having that empty nest, you may find yourself with some mixed emotions. Maybe an online business is just what you need.

Why not make your next act, your best act?

Many women discover their forte after becoming empty nesters.  They have more time, energy and finances to focus on what it is they want to do just for themselves.

In the digital era there are an infinite number of options for starting an online business. Why not turn your hobby or use your experience and turn that into a business?

Let’s look at some online business ideas to start in an empty nest.

1.      Catering

Have guests ever told you how much they adore your casserole or your apple-cinnamon pie? If so, they may be onto something.

The demand for homemade foods and desserts is higher than ever before. This is thanks in-part to college students and busy professionals who miss the comforts of home-cooked food, but do not have time to cook themselves.

Setting up a website and taking orders for your home-prepared items is incredibly easy. You can create a fully functioning website and start selling your menu items within a matter of days. The next steps are to find reliable drivers who can deliver your items in a careful and timely fashion.

So, dig up your recipe book and share the foods your kids grew up enjoying with others.

2.      Selling handmade crafts

Many people discover that they have a passion for arts and crafts late in life. It may take helping your child with their art or science project before you realize how good you are at creating delightful little ornaments and novelty items.

The trend of creating and selling your crafts online has been steadily growing for decades. Sites like Etsy and Zazzle have become bustling online marketplaces where anyone can sell the unique items they created. Selling on one of these sites frees you from the trouble of starting and maintaining your own website.

The steps for setting up your Etsy shop are shown below:

  • Sign up and register as a seller on the Etsy website.
  • Set up your shop using the shop builder provided on the site.
  • Select a unique name for your store. Picking a catchy and witty name can help people remember your store.
  • Start listing the items you wish to sell. You will need to include pictures and product descriptions for each item. This gives you the freedom to promote them however you please.
  • Set the price for your item. Etsy takes a 5% cut of your sales, and also charges a small amount for listing each item. You can learn more about their fees here.

If you want to own your own store online, then consider setting up a store through shopify.  In the event something should ever happen with one of the other craft sites, you won’t lose your business, because you control your own site.

There are options to sell items on Instagram and Pinterest, as well.

3.      Blogging

Do you have a flair for writing? If so, you may enjoy working as a professional blogger. Blogging has grown to become one of the most popular ways to earn money online.

This is mainly due to the earning potential this venture provides. Bloggers can make between $500 and $2000 per month in their first year.

Bloggers primarily earn money through ad revenue on their sites. However, as your popularity and influence grow, brands may pay you to promote their products with a blog post on your site.

These earnings can grow exponentially as your popularity increases. You can also set up an amazon store on your blog site. Don’t forget the free products and trips that may come your way.

Your blogs don’t have to be confined to a single topic either. Many people start blogging about a topic they have an active interest in. But over time, they may find that people simply enjoy reading what they must write.

If you have lived through unique life experiences, odds are that others will be interested in hearing about them.

4.      Selling photographs

It’s not uncommon for people to develop an interest in photography late in life. After all, your golden years are when you begin to deeply appreciate the beauty of nature and the things around you.

Many people get into photography so that they can immortalize special events and get-togethers. However, selling photographs online has also become incredibly easy. Many amateur and professional photographers create and sell shots on sites such as Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and iStock.

You do not need expensive cameras or a fancy lens to take photographs that people are willing to pay for. Stock images sites accept a wide variety of photos, such as shots of nature, people, fashion, cityscapes, or even tools. So, practice your iPhone photography skills and upload your best shots to the world wide web.

5.      Offering online yoga classes

The idea of online yoga classes has really taken off during the current pandemic. It seems whenever there is a will, there is most certainly a way. If you have been practicing yoga for a while, you should know that becoming an instructor is easier than you think.

Many people become instructors after taking a variety of different yoga classes, undergoing teacher training, and then registering as professional yoga instructors. They can deliver their classes through online video conferences. There is no shortage of people willing to pay for online yoga classes, so this could be the venture that works for you.

6.  Become a Virtual Assistant

A VA, or Virtual Assistant, provides administrative services to a client outside of the client’s office setting.  Many clients and VA’s have never met in real life, but use different online video programs to interact and collaborate.

Business owners hire a VA for a variety of reasons.  Some business owners may need some extra help scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, or managing their social media accounts. 

What makes a virtual assistant an asset to a business owner is the ability to multitask.  As a VA you may have several different clients and will need to be able to manage the variety of tasks that come from each client.  Your purpose is to free up the client’s time to work on tasks only they can do and ultimately help them move their business forward.

7.  Freelance writing

If you enjoy writing, but don’t have the desire to start your own blog, or write a book, you can write for others as a contract. 

There are many opportunities for a freelance writer.  You can write newspaper articles, magazine articles, blog posts, newsletters, research reports, ghost writing for a book.  There are opportunities in every industry. 

Think you’re too old to start something new or become an entrepreneur?  Empty nester life could be a perfect time!  You have accrued years of wisdom, knowledge, and experience.  Make those years work for you in your next act!

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  1. Mel – Love these ideas. I constantly see people asking about a virtual assistant and it seems like catering would be a great business as we transition back to normal life with a vaccine on the horizon.

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