End of Summers Sales 2020

End of Summer Sales 2020

When I was younger and raising school-age kids, the end of summer was always a bittersweet time.  I treasured all the times we spent together, sleeping in, getting together with friends, staying up late on weeknights and no schoolwork. When the end of summer sales was announced that meant summer was winding down and time to get refocused.


While our lives changed a bit as the kids progressed through school grades, one thing was the same….excitement for shopping for school supplies, school clothes, furnishing dorms and then somewhere along the way, the state we lived in offered tax-FREE days!  Oh yeah!  Music to my ears.


Find out if, or when,  your state’s Tax-Free 2020 dates are  scheduled.


Following are some items and products that are good to shop for during the end of summer for the best bang for your buck



Back to school supplies, board and backpack

While at the writing of this post, things are up in the air for many states because of our current situation with the Coronavirus, there are still sales that will be happening.

Even if your kids are not going back into a classroom in the Fall, this is your chance to stock up on clothing for the entire family. 

We have all seen where large department stores are either downsizing or closing all of their stores  When shopping, check their sites for deep discounts.   Did you know that every Monday, Target marks down their kids’ clothing?  If you’re going to shop for clothes at Target, be sure to download their target app to get access to target circle offers.

Consider signing up for loyalty reward points with CVS or Walgreens.  You will earn points when making purchases there and you can use those points on back to school sale supplies!  I have seen backpacks at Walgreens for under $5.00!


Old Navy marks price cuts Thursday evening and clearance markdowns Monday night.  Online you can find back to school uniform sales going on now.  Some Old Navy’s are even offering curbside pickups.  Check your area to see if that is an option.



Laptop, tablet pc, mobile phone, TV and navigator

The best deals for personal electronics are generally Back Friday in November and Amazon’s Prime Sale in July.  However, this year due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Amazon Prime Sale has been pushed back to later summer or early Fall A definite date has not been set yet. 


But don’t fret, Best Buy has some amazing deals being offered during their summer sale 2020.  The Apple 3 watch has been marked down to $199.99, their best selling Beats Powerbeats 3 headphones have had price cuts of $110 and their Surface Pro 7 is on sale for $649.  That’s a $300 savings!


Need a new smartphone?  Check out the deals being offered at Best Buy.  Sales of up to 50% on iPhone 11 with qualified activation.




Cosy patio area with settees and table



As summer winds down, so do the prices on patio furniture.  Be sure to check for coupons at stores like Ikea, Pier 1 imports  Serena and Lily is having a Summer tent sale online right now and you can find outdoor furniture over 50% off’.

You can find the end of summer products on deep discounts at Walmarts right now.  Think kids swing sets, pool floats and other items you would use during summertime.




Lawnmower in the garden


As lawn mowing and the gardening season comes to an end,  be sure to check stores like Home Depot, Gardener’s Supply and Lowe’s for discounts and much lower prices on seasonal tools and supplies for your outdoor space.  The closer it is to Labor Day, the better deal you may find, as well.







Group of home appliances isolated on white background


We recently did a full house remodel and when it came time to purchase our appliances we found great deals through Sears Outlets. 


We knew exactly what brand we wanted and located a Sears Outlet that had it.  It did take a little searching to find stores that had the whole set, but so worth it!  I made a call to the store locations and talked to a salesperson to understand if there were any dents or scratches and had them send me a picture.  They will ship to the outlet closest to you.  I saved thousands of dollars and I’m the only one that knows there are any scratches, which realistically there would be within a month or so in my home.


Maybe you want a good deal but would prefer to see the appliances in person.  If so, on large appliances check Best Buy first.  They almost always beat Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Sears (not Sears Outlet). 


Companies typically introduce new models of kitchen items like cooktops, ranges and wall ovens in early autumn, just in time for the holidays.  This means more sale items for you!  Watch for deep discounts in August and September.  Never be afraid to ask for discounts on the floor models either.





Cars ready to be sold on a dealership lot

Dealerships tend to need to make room on their lots for the new car models that debut in the Fall.  

So you may be able to find discounts of 15% or more between August and September on the models from the previous year.

Do your research before you go in and know what the comps are and what the extras will be and don’t be talked into any extras that you don’t need.   

Be prepared to walk away if they don’t give you what you’re looking for.  Last year I knew the car I wanted and knew what I should be paying when I walked out the door.  I went to 3 dealerships and sat down with two and went through the whole negotiation tactics they use.  After listening, showed them the prices I had found and what I would be willing to pay right then.  Neither of the 2 would agree to my price, so I left.

On my way home, dealer #1 called and agreed if I would come back we could work it out at my price.  Dealer #2 called me two days later and it was too late.

I should add it was also toward the end of the month and I know they have sales quotas.

Be fair and stand your ground.  An automobile purchase is a lot of money!

Online Business

This is a ONE WEEK only sale and if you are serious about growing an online business, consider purchasing this bundle of courses, ebooks and training programs for $47.  Too late for 2021 deal?? You can click here to get next years deal at a huge discount by ordering now!!   Great deal!


With some planning, you can take advantage of some deep discounts! Try to anticipate your needs before they arise.  Some things never change, Christmas is celebrated in December, camping and barbecues are generally in the summer months, etc. so shop for items after those periods are over, not during or before when the top dollar is paid.


Remember, just because something is on sale, it won’t be a good deal if you put it on credit cards and then pay fifteen per cent or more interest on it every month.  Most likely by the time you are done paying it off, you will have paid more for the item then if you had bought it at full price.  Our goal when shopping sales is to save money! 

I hope these tips were helpful.

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