These last few months have been a little challenging with the Pandemic the world is dealing with, and it’s so important that we take care of ourselves. I have put together a list of items for your DIY at-home spa experience.

First, I start with filling up my tub with very warm water and add about 1 – 2 cups of epsom salt . Epsom salt has many different health benefits, relieving aches & pains and detoxification are just a couple.

Next, I set the ambience by dimming the lights, playing some music on my amazon echo and lighting a lavender-scented candle. Both lavender and music can relieve anxiety, depression and stress.

Then I fill my bamboo tray with my beverage of choice. Sometimes, I will have a glass of red wine, and other nights I will sip on sleepy time tea

Right now I’m reading Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson on my kindle. I will say I’m not sure this is a good one to read when I’m trying to de-stress, but I can’t put it down. Just Mercy is a true story that revolves around the case of an innocent man who was framed for a murder and condemned to die. Yeah, not a fluffy read, but definitely eye opening and educational of some of the faults in the American justice system. Once I finish the book, I may end up watching the movie on my i-pad while soaking in the tub.

I slip in and lean back on my favorite bath pillow . I’ve tried my fair share of bath pillows and this one is the best I’ve used. It does not fall off the back of my tub, has an ergonomic neck support and includes a wash bag. Once I lean back, breathe in the lavender, I can feel my body and mind start to relax.

If I want to really go all out with the pampering, I will pull my hair up in a wrap, put on a sheet mask, and do a sugar scrub. 

After I have soaked for a long while, I like to use an extra large luxury fluffy bath towel and top off my self care routine with an organic body lotion, slip on some comfy pajamas snuggle in my luxurious sheets , put a couple drops of lavendar on my pillow and fall into a peaceful slumber


If I take a morning bath, oftentimes, I will lounge in these satin pajamas and work on my computer.


 Right now I’m doing some Father’s Day shopping and have included in my amazon store some good finds for you too!




You can find some other suggestions for creating your in-home spa day at my Amazon store! Hope you are able to take some time away just for you, to relax, let go of what you can’t control, and focus on what is good in your life.

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