3 ways to stay organized

3 ways to stay organized

Today, I’m sharing three tools that help me with my time management and to stay organized with blogging and really, most of my life.

In my last post, I wrote about the challenges one can face when trying to be consistent. Time management is a stumbling block for many.  I find that I am able to stay consistent better when I am organized.

Task Management Tool


Time Management tool
Trello – time management tool

After researching some productivity, or time management tools,   I settled on Trello .

I didn’t spend hours with my research.  I know what I like, and once I learned that the FREE version of Trello works for me, I went with it.

I’m a list maker and I can make lists galore on Trello.

Trello – time management tool

Trello can also be used for events or projects, where collaboration with others is required.

Trello is an app that can be downloaded to your mobile device, as well.  So you will always have your plan and list with you.

For me, it is so freeing to know that I am keeping track of my thoughts and ideas…and it’s not in my head floating around somewhere.

Virtual Assistants

Siri  ….

        Part of Apple

I just spent the last few days on a road trip.  Hours alone in my car and so many ideas pop into my mind about everything when I’m alone and driving.

I just click the button on my car, or phone, and tell Siri to make me a note called “menu for the week”, for example.  As something pops into my mind,  I just say “Siri, add tacos to note “menu for the week”.  Granted, if there’s a lot of background noise, it is hard for Siri to hear and will make up its own word for what it heard.  The more you play around with Siri the better it gets at your voice recognition.

Side note on texting using Siri….on this road trip, I was pulled over by a police officer for not using my blinker to switch lanes and speeding.  When the officer came up to my car, he asked if I was texting.  I said no.  Just then a friend texts me and Mr. Police Officer saw my phone light up and asked why someone was texting.  Oh my goodness (eye roll).  At that point, I just pulled my sunglasses down to the tip of my nose and looked this Police Officer in the eye and raised my eyebrow and said “really”?

That’s it.  He went back and did his normal cop stuff in his car and came back with a ticket for TEXTING and not using a blinker.  I then showed him how I use my car wheel to have Siri read messages or reply to messages.  He then told me that was texting and it was not allowed in his state.  That made no sense to me, but I wasn’t going to push my luck and definitely not going to go back to the state to fight it, so I’ll pay it, begrudgingly.

All that to say be careful when you’re in your car if your state considers that texting and driving.

Alexa….part of Amazon

When I’m going through my day at home, things always pop into my mind about a  post, or picture to take or something to research.

One of the lists I’ve made in Alexa is “blogging”.  As thoughts pop into my mind, I just tell Alexa to “add a blog post called “How organization keeps me consistent”, for example to my blogging list.

I have echoes scattered throughout my house and they’re all linked together.  So, no matter where I’m at in my home, one of the echoes’ can hear me and add my request to the appropriate list. I know this may creep some out, but I love this invention and it helps me writing down ideas on pieces of papers all over the place.

There is an Alexa app and that has also been downloaded to my phone.

About once a week.  I will look at my lists made using Alexa and Siri and add to Trello.  So, Trello is my main spot to collect all of ideas and tasks.

My goal is to set aside time every Sunday to review Trello and set my plan for the week.

There are many different tutorials on getting up and running with Trello, Siri and Alexa.  They really are efficient and pretty easy to understand.

How do you stay organized to make sure you’re consistent with your goals?

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